Centre for Advanced Agriculture

For the last four years Boaz has been teaching foreign students coming to the Ramat Negev International Training Centre for Advanced Agriculture. He teaches a 12 hour course on Israel - Civics and history to give the students that come from Vietnam, Myanmar and Nepal and idea of where they find themselves in this wonderful world of ours.

Boaz also teaches a 21 hour course on Entrepreneurship. The students go back to their home countries with the basic skills needed to prepare themselves for the business world. After gaining experience in advanced agriculture, they need to know how to turn this new found experience into meaningful income in the future. 

The Mount Sinai Experience

After years of hearing just about every possible option for the placement of Mount Sinai and I have to add some, like Sinai being in Saudi Arabia. This is only for those that affirm that the Biblical account of the Exodus is the only and correct one.

I am one who holds to the validity of the text. I set out walking in the desert to calculate just how far anyone could walk in the conditions that exist in the desert. Together with the clues in the Torah text and the secrets given to us through the Hebrew language, I have concluded that the mountain in the picture, Jabal El Halal, is the only possible site for Mount Sinai that fits the Biblical narrative without question. Interested to learn more? Contact us

The Secrets of the Hebrew Torah Texts

It is a well known fact that the Hebrew text holds a multitude of hidden secrets and different possible meanings. For a very special time of study, contact us to arrange a single lesson or a series of meetings. Those wanting to come for an extended period can make use of our accommodation facilities for the duration of the course. For costs and availability please contact us.

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