Our Essential oils

Why Essential oils? A question often asked of us - when and why did we decide on Essential oils. Some years ago Rina started to develop arthritis in her hands. She is very sensitive to traditional remedies associated with arthritis and we then started to investigate alternative remedies for her condition.

Rina discovered that essential oils can be very beneficial for the treatment and pain relief in cases of arthritis and we decided to grow some of the herbs to check the claims. It worked!

As Essential oils cross the blood/brain barrier far faster than conventional pharmaceuticals, the application, either topically or by smell, means that these 100% natural molecules get to work very quickly!


There does not exist an international standard for the production of essential oils and therefore nobody can held legally accountable for claims like therapeutic grade or professional grade or whatever claim they make. Many sellers import from the cheapest source they can find and then blend, dilute or do whatever they do to their oils.

Because of the inconsistency of world supply, we guarantee that we produce oil only from the herbs that we grow. We invite anybody that wishes, to come and inspect our operation.

We are not big producers as all of our work is done by hand. No chemicals are sprayed onto the herbs. Weeding, picking and sorting is all done by hand. By keeping our operation smaller we can continue to promise you only the best that the desert can offer.

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