Solid Perfume

The concept of solid perfume makes a lot of sense when one considers that everything used to manufacture the perfume is absolutely natural.


We use Jojoba oil grown in the Negev. It was chosen as it is not absorbed too quickly into the skin and holds the fragrance longer. Jojoba oil is not as oily as olive oil and blends beautifully with the beeswax we use - of course also from the Negev!

There are so many advantages to the use of beeswax and jojoba oil on the skin that there are too many to mention. 


Healthy skin with wonderful natural aromas - what more could you ask for. Aroma therapy is well known to affect one's mood. With this in mind, we are introducing to fragrances - 'calm' and 'vitality' We invite you to try them!  


When you feel the need to relax, this gentle fragrance will do the job! In winter the perfume may be a bit hard depending on your local weather conditions. Scrape some out with the back of your fingernail, gently rub the mix between your fingers or in the palm of your hand and then apply to the desired area.

Bottom Note:Patchouli

Middle Note: Geranium

Top Note: Lavender / Mint


Feeling tired or run-down? Need a lift? The delicately balanced notes of 'Vitality' will gently restore your well being. Like any natural cream, the weather can affect the consistency. The same instruction applies for both creams.

Bottom Note:Vanilla

Middle Note: Geranium

Top Note: Orange / Lemon / Coriander