Visiting us at Shefa Israel

Coming as a Volunteer

We work very closely with workaway. It is a great way to work on one coordinated calendar. Please click on their picture above and register with them and contact us through their site. We have found it to be rewarding for all parties involved.

Coming through AirBnB

Planning a visit to the desert? Take all the hassle out of your planning and let airbnb and us do all the work for you. Click on their logo above to reserve an unforgettable getaway in the desert! See you soon!

Want Something Special?

If you are someone that has done it all and looking for something special - we have something for you.

You can come and spend some time with us and join us in a many interesting activities:

  • Find out about the desert wine industry - ancient and modern - get to taste some of our special boutique wines and tour the vineyard.

  • Experience a presentation of essential oils from herbs grown and produced on the farm. Tour the farm as well as the production facility.

To book your visit or extended stay, please click on the link on the picture above.​